Eupen hospital no longer has a Covid patient but does not claim victory for all that

Eupen hospital no longer has a Covid patient but does not claim victory for all that
Eupen hospital no longer has a Covid patient but does not claim victory for all that

How many covid patients are left in the region? Like every beginning of the week, a virtual meeting took place this Monday afternoon to take stock. All the hospitals in the province of Liège have done their accounts. And the figures are not as encouraging as in Eupen, where there are no longer any hospitalized covid patients.

“It hadn’t happened for a year”

In Eupen, the last covid patient left the hospital at the end of last week, which is delighted by Frédéric Marenne, head doctor at the hospital: “I can confirm that the Eupen hospital is absolutely ‘covid free’ and it hadn’t happened for almost a year, so it’s still a big relief.”

This now allows the hospital to function as before: “We allow ourselves to dedicate two or three rooms at the end of a corridor to the possible cases which could come back. Other than that, we work normally” .

And for the staff, it’s a real relief: “Absolutely” confirms the doctor. “They told me in German when I went to the former covid room:“ Finally, we can do something other than deal with covid cases ”.

And in the other Liège hospitals?

But elsewhere, no “Finally we can do something else”. While overall, the drop in covid cases is significant, some hospitals in Liège have readmitted patients. There has been a case in the last 24 hours at the Citadel of Liège where a dozen patients are hospitalized in a covid unit.

At the Bois de l’Abbaye in Seraing, we refuse to communicate precise figures, but the hospital admits to still having regular cases. We are far from the figures of a few months ago, but for these hospitals, it is clear that we must not yet completely lift our guard or claim victory too quickly.

At the André Renard Clinic in Herstal, for example, we experienced a small peak in admissions last weekend and this Monday. At issue: mini-clusters in the municipalities of Herstal and Oupeye. But the hospital wants to be reassuring: the symptoms of these positive patients have nothing to do with the serious cases that we have known. For the hospital, this should undoubtedly be seen as one of the benefits of vaccination.


Eupen hospital longer Covid patient claim victory

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