Covid-19: openness to the vaccine for all questioned

While since Monday, May 31, vaccination against Covid-19 has been open to all people over 18, voices are being raised to denounce the government strategy. In a note published this Monday and relayed by Le Figaro, the collective “Our public services”, born at the end of April and which brings together some 200 agents and executives of the administration estimate this opening of the vaccination will “leave aside 20% of the population “among the most fragile. “The universal opening of vaccination on May 31 appears more like a refusal of an obstacle than a solution,” says the group.

In his viewfinder, the elderly, precarious or isolated, who often do not have the opportunity to book a vaccination slot on the Internet. If according to Health Insurance, 79% of those over 75 have already received at least one dose of vaccine, the wider opening of vaccination has led to “a cap on vaccination coverage”, among the oldest. “Keeping the rate of vaccination of non-priority people would mean vaccinating only 80% of this age group, and therefore completely leaving aside one in five elderly”, estimates the group. And to add: “The same tendency is observable in a more or less marked way in all the age groups beyond 65 years.”

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If the figures concerning the vaccination of the most precarious are not published, disparities are to be noted according to the departments. If in Paris nearly 40% of the population of all ages has already received a first injection, only 23% have obtained a first dose in Seine-Saint-Denis, details Le Figaro. The collective points in particular to “the weakness of national management or support”, but also the online appointment booking systems which constitute “obstacles to people less educated in digital technology and health”.

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However, the government continues to insist that the priority remains the vaccination of the most vulnerable. This extension to all adults of vaccination “should not distract us from the objective of finding all our fellow citizens who remain the most vulnerable”, elderly people or those suffering from co-morbidities, Prime Minister Jean Castex underlined Monday, May 31. .

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Covid19 openness vaccine questioned

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