Nivelles: 55 residents positive for Covid-19 with presence of variants

Nivelles: 55 residents positive for Covid-19 with presence of variants
Nivelles: 55 residents positive for Covid-19 with presence of variants

| Published on 05/31/2021 11:26 AM

In confinement since May 19, all of the residents of the “Nos Tayons” rest home have been subjected to a new Covid test. Results qualified as “worrying” show 55 infected residents and 16 staff members. More surprisingly, the British and Indian variants could be detected. For now, “Our Tayons” remains on lockdown until further notice.

A little less than two weeks ago, we learned that the Covid-19 was unfortunately back in the “Nos Tayons” rest home in Nivelles. The presence of a first case, a hospitalized resident, had led to the detection of three cases among the staff.

Taking the situation very seriously, the establishment officials then made the decision to close the nursing home to families and to impose strict confinement on residents.

Since then, several tests, including one generalized, have provided a more precise overview of the situation. Today, the situation, if it is under control, is qualified as worrying: “The situation today is as follows: for the 121 residents (98% are vaccinated), 55 infected people have been detected and for the 107 staff members (76% are vaccinated), 16 infected people have been detected. It is important to note that the Indian variant has been found in older people and the British variant is mostly present in younger people. It would therefore seem that two different origins must be considered; one for the residents, the other for the staff ”, explains Colette Delmotte, president of the CPAS of Nivelles, in charge of the rest home.

Effective vaccination

If we have heard comments questioning the effectiveness or usefulness of the vaccine, the president of the CPAS wishes to put things straight. According to her, if the residents and the vaccinated staff display a good state of health despite their contamination, it is above all thanks to the vaccine: “The vaccination carried out in January 2021 has proved to be extremely effective because, at the present time, all residents and staff are doing well. The degree of contagion of the Indian variant is very high but the vaccination has perfectly protected our residents and staff. “

For the moment, the daily life of the residents is obviously very disturbed, they being confined to their rooms all day. A restrictive measure but which would be well understood by all: “The residents also are very understanding vis-à-vis the constraints imposed within the framework of this new local confinement. Residents receive the attention they deserve from the vigilant and caring staff… but tired. The families of the residents were informed from the start of the crisis and are kept informed of the development of the situation on a very regular basis. We warmly thank them for their understanding and patience, ”adds Colette Delmotte.

The current confinement of residents to their rooms, the suspension of activities and the ban on family visits will be extended until the official end of the establishment’s quarantine. Containment will be organized in blocks of 10 days and these blocks will follow each other until the virus has disappeared.

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