More severe courses: Covid consequences are more severe in men

The consequences of a corona infection are often more serious in men than in women. The New York Times recently reported that men with COVID need ventilator ventilation 50 percent more often and are 50 percent more likely to die from the effects of the infection than women.

AUSTRIA. In November, attention is drawn to men’s health around the world. During the so-called “Movembers”, more and more men have grown a mustache lately. They want to draw attention to the need for preventive medical checkups for men. During the corona pandemic, these investigations seem more important than ever. In the event of a COVID infection, men often have more severe courses than women, according to the New York Times.

Men need more frequent ventilation

Accordingly, men with COVID have to be ventilated 50 percent more often than women. The risk of dying from the virus is also 50 percent higher in men. “In the light of the corona pandemic, unvaccinated men in particular show significantly more severe COVID courses, have to be treated more frequently by intensive care and die more frequently than women. The number of infections among men is also higher worldwide,” warns Michael Feichtinger, head of the Wunschbaby Institut Feichtinger, in a broadcast on Thursday.

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Corona reduces the fertility of young men

“Even in young men who wanted to have children and who had a mild corona course, we often see long-term consequences in the sense of severely limited semen findings and male infertility. In the long term, men have a six-fold increased risk of impotence and subsequent depression after a corona infection That is why I advise young men to take appropriate precautions and to be vaccinated. I particularly appeal to those who have been vaccinated to have their vaccination protection refreshed. In men, a significantly faster decrease in vaccination-specific antibodies was found compared to women, “said Dr . Feichtinger in conclusion.

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On a knife’s edge

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