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Dolder relies on facial recognition instead of a Covid certificate

Dolder relies on facial recognition instead of a Covid certificate
Dolder relies on facial recognition instead of a Covid certificate


Face recognition instead of Covid certificate: The Dolder relies on a slightly different control

Anyone wishing to enter the Dolder Grand in Zurich’s 7th district in the future no longer needs to show a certificate after taking a short photo. There would be no problems in terms of data law.

The guests of the Dolder would generally take a positive view of the new system. (Archive image)


The Zurich five-star establishment Dolder Grand in Hottingen is now using a different way of checking the Covid certificate. You don’t need a vaccination card or a smartphone. In the future, only a camera photo of the guests will be necessary, as reported by the “Tagesanzeiger”. And the next time you enter the Dolder Grand, everything runs via facial recognition at the entrance – vaccinated and tested persons are automatically recorded. Security employees have been responsible for the photos, scanning the Corona certificate and the subsequent verification since last week.

“The next time you come, you don’t have to show anything and you can just walk through it.”

The aim of the new control method is to increase comfort for guests and accelerate access. This is to avoid too much rush. Security chief Steffen Tatzer emphasizes to the “Tagesanzeiger” that the photos are taken on a voluntary basis and that they would ask each individual guest for permission. The normal presentation of the certificate would still be possible.

According to Tatzer, the new system, developed by the Winterthur company Ava-X AG, would have been well received by the guests. Many would have even waited for it.

The question of data protection arises

Tobias Bolliger from Ava-X sees data protection as secure. Only measurement points on the face would be recorded, but not the entire appearance, he explains to the “Tagesanzeiger”. In addition, the personal data would then be deleted. The identity is thus protected.

Nonetheless, concerns about detection systems are increasing among the population. A ban is also repeatedly called for. According to the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner, the new control measure in the Dolder has not yet been examined. However, if those entering give their consent and the legal requirements are observed, there would probably be no objections. (ld.)


Dolder relies facial recognition Covid certificate

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