Styria significantly tightened CoV measures –

Styria significantly tightened CoV measures –
Styria significantly tightened CoV measures –

The CoV situation is worsening: On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health and the Interior in Austria reported 4,261 newly registered coronavirus cases within the last 24 hours (as of 9:30 a.m.), in Styria there were 548.

“2-G” for night gastronomy

The state government therefore met with experts on Wednesday to discuss how to proceed – the result: The measures will be tightened again from November 8th:

  • “2-G” for night gastronomy and events with more than 500 people – this applies both indoors and outdoors.
  • General FFP2 mask requirement in customer areas of business premises, cultural institutions and institutions for religious practice.
  • The “2.5-G” rule for employees in hospitals, health resorts, ordinations and nursing homes as well as for visitors to hospitals and health resorts and nursing homes.

Schützenhöfer: “Prevent fourth lockdown”

Governor Hermann Schützenhöfer (ÖVP) made it clear on Wednesday that it will not work without further rapid tightening – the federal government’s step-by-step plan is not enough: “The step-by-step plan is good, but it is a reaction plan, it is not an action plan. We tighten up when it gets a lot worse and we want to tighten up now so that it doesn’t get even worse and so that we can get this virus under control. We must do everything we can to prevent a fourth lockdown. That would be a social catastrophe for Austria. ”In addition, one could not afford such a thing, according to Finanzlandesrat Anton Lang (SPÖ).

The measures will come into force on November 8th so that everyone has time to prepare for them – football games, church institutions and cultural events are also affected. “Anyone who likes to go to the sports field will get vaccinated – or stay at home,” Schützenhöfer summed it up.

Intensive care units fill up with non-vaccinated people

The background to the steps that have now been decided is not only the rising 7-day incidence, the occupancy of the intensive care units is also increasing, according to KAGes board member Karlheinz Tscheliessnigg: “We have to act.” Infection numbers could be seen, but now they are increasing significantly, according to the doctors, and that with a still too low vaccination rate in Styria of 63 percent of so-called fully immunized.

It was once again stated on Wednesday that predominantly non-vaccinated people have to be treated in the intensive care units.

“3-G” at the workplace: test situation still unclear

It is now also hoped that more people in Styria will be vaccinated again as a result of the tightened measures – this also applies to the “3-G” obligation in the workplace that will apply from November 1st – more on this in “3-G” at the workplace : Preparations and open questions ( This will probably lead to a higher volume on the test roads, but it is still unclear whether and how the state will react to it – more on this in “3-G” at the workplace: Test situation still unclear.


Styria significantly tightened CoV measures steiermarkORFat

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