Quarantine breaches are increasing – ooe.ORF.at

Quarantine breaches are increasing – ooe.ORF.at
Quarantine breaches are increasing – ooe.ORF.at

Quarantine injuries have already been found around 700 times in Upper Austria this year. According to the country’s crisis team, the trend towards quarantine breaches has recently been increasing. If someone violates the segregation as a contact person, but has not tested positive, there is a fine of up to 1,450 euros. If a quarantine breaker tests positive, however, it goes to court and, in the worst case, up to three years in prison.

Contagion not necessary for conviction

In order to be convicted, it is not necessary to have actually infected someone, according to the spokesman for the Linz regional court Walter Eichinger: “A quarantine breach is in any case punishable if I show through behavior that I accept that someone else is infected or is endangered. The mere endangerment is sufficient. “

113 quarantine breaches have already landed at the judiciary

113 quarantine breaches in Upper Austria have already ended up in the judiciary this year, and charges have been brought in 37 cases. As in the case of a young mother from Linz at the beginning of October: “This perpetrator was accused of having gone to the highly frequented Linzer Landstrasse to go shopping there despite the quarantine notice and despite knowing about her Covid 19 disease.” The woman got away with a fine. A total of 16 deliberate quarantine breakers have already been convicted in Upper Austria this year.

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