Corona in Erding / Bavaria: The situation in the clinic is coming to a head – intensive care unit full

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The corona traffic light is still green across Bavaria. But now the situation is also coming to a head at the Erding Clinic.

Erding – “All intensive care beds are occupied, 40 percent with Covid patients”, reported clinic director Dr. Dirk Last on Wednesday afternoon. “The significantly increasing incidence can now also be felt in our house, especially since we are struggling with sick leave,” Last continued.

Corona in Erding: intensive care beds occupied – “40 percent Covid patients”

However, one works well with the neighboring houses “in order to be able to initiate the necessary relocations quickly”. Emergency care is guaranteed in any case. “Doctors and nurses do everything possible to cope with the high number of patients in the best possible way,” said the director.

The number of Covid patients at the Erdinger Klinikum increased by six to 17 in one day. Four are in the intensive care unit, three must be artificially civil servants, says spokeswoman Claudia Fiebrandt-Kirmeyer.

Meanwhile, the highly dynamic infection process continues to increase. 74 new cases were reported on Wednesday alone, spread across 23 of 26 municipalities – 25 more than a week ago. Although the incidence has decreased slightly from 228.2 to 220.3, it is now likely to rise sharply again.

Corona in Erding: Infection events continue to be dynamic

Meanwhile, the ranks in schools and kindergartens are thinning. 17 children each from the Protestant kindergarten in Erding, the AWO crèche in Erding and the kindergarten in Oberdorfen were sent into quarantine. At the Carl Orff Primary School Altenerding there are even 41 pupils and one teacher, at the Eitting Primary School 18 and one each at the St. Wolfgang Primary School and the Oberding Secondary School. According to Fiebrandt-Kirmeyer, almost 1,500 citizens are currently isolated: 486 infected and 1,082 contact persons.

Only 63.3 percent of the total population are doubly vaccinated. 170 027 cans were injected. ham

You can read more news from the Erding region here. By the way: Everything from the region is also available in our regular Erding newsletter.


Corona Erding Bavaria situation clinic coming intensive care unit full

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