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Unteriberg in the canton of Schwyz: Country idyll, almost like it was out of time. The Covid law experienced the toughest rebuff here in the summer. There were only 12.2 percent yes votes at the ballot box. At the village festival, the Stöckmärcht, the pandemic seems to be as good as over. The banqueting benches are crowded.


View of the community of Unteriberg in the canton of Schwyz.


SVP councilor Ruedi Keller confirms the impression. “In Unteriberg we had a couple of cases, some bad cases that people had to suffer from. I admit that. But actually that doesn’t exist in the back with us anymore. ” The whole event takes place without a certificate. That was a condition from the start, says Keller. Everything takes place outside or in open tents.

Certificate for a fire brigade exercise

You see it completely differently in Ennetbaden. In the Aargau municipality, the law was adopted most clearly of all German-speaking Swiss villages. 79.2 percent of all ballot papers said yes. Certificates are even required for the main exercise of the volunteer fire brigade in Baden and Ennetbaden. The mask is added during the exercise.

Vote no, so that the certificate requirement does not apply, is out of the question for fire brigade commander Florian Immer. “Even then, we would not be able to carry out the exercise carefree.” The question is not: certificate – yes or no. The question is: virus – yes or no. And the law helps in the fight.

Unteriberg: Traditionally defensive

In Unteriberg, Mayor Edy Marty (non-party) shows his village – by car. The community near the Sihlsee is extensive. For a long time the village was almost enclosed between mountains and the lands of the Einsiedeln monastery, with which they had a dispute. Only one pass road connected the place with Schwyz.

The story shapes, says Marty. «I do think that this has an influence on our hard skulls. We don’t like to be ordered. But who does that, ”says Mayor Edy Marty.

Ennetbaden: Preferred residential area

In Ennetbaden, too, mayor Pius Graf (SP) leads us through the village. Here we go on foot. The village has changed. Ennetbaden almost no longer have any clubs. Contacts are made nowadays, for example, in day-care centers. This is important in the community, in which many newcomers are double earners in industry and science.

Pius Graf leads us down to the Limmat. A promenade has been created where a cantonal road once rushed through the middle of the village. Ennetbaden is open. Is one perhaps open to something, even uncritical? The mayor says no. “You don’t just shoot yourself on one side, you listen to everyone and then you are very clear about your opinion.”

Voting in the communities already decided

If you ask in the street, the result of the vote seems already clear in both villages. Unteriberg will say no again. Ennetbaden will say yes again. According to the last SRG survey, it looks like a yes for the whole of Switzerland. 61 percent of those surveyed voted for the change to the Covid Act on October 9.


Open the box
Close the box

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