Corona situation in Brandenburg: Infections among minors have been increasing significantly since the summer

These numbers from the Brandenburg Ministry of Health make you sit up and take notice: In September, almost ten times as many young people were infected with Corona than two months earlier. In principle, the number of new infections is increasing again significantly.

The number of minors infected with Corona has skyrocketed in Brandenburg since the middle of the year. According to the Robert Koch Institute, 1,268 cases were registered here in September, after 886 in August and 152 in July. This was announced by the Ministry of Health in Potsdam in response to a request from the AfD parliamentary group.

The actual numbers could be even higher, as the ministry said the data were not fully available to the health authorities.

This year, around 9,000 people under the age of 18 had a Sars-CoV-2 infection in Brandenburg by September, around 4,200 of them with the variants alpha, beta, gamma and delta. There had already been a similar increase in corona cases among children and adolescents in Brandenburg in the spring. The peak in April was 1,842 cases. Thereafter, the number of infected minors fell to 144 cases by June.

In August and September, the doctors almost exclusively only found the Delta variant in underage corona patients – with just under 1,440 infections. This guy first appeared in Brandenburg at the end of April.

Children and adolescents in Brandenburg still rarely have to go to hospital as soon as they are infected with the coronavirus. This year, 37 affected minors were hospitalized in Brandenburg by September.

Basically, the number of new infections in Brandenburg has risen noticeably in the past few days. The seven-day incidence on Monday was 86.1, a week earlier this value was 56.9. In a weekly comparison, the number of new infections in Brandenburg rose by 49 percent.

Four rural districts and two urban districts are meanwhile with the seven-day incidence above the mark of 100. Cottbus reported the highest incidence value by far with 158.1. Only the city of Brandenburg / Havel is below the threshold of 35, from which stricter corona rules apply.

According to the survey by the Robert Koch Institute, 60 percent are fully vaccinated in Brandenburg []. In a nationwide comparison, Brandenburg is still in penultimate place, ahead of Saxony at the bottom.

In Berlin, too, the seven-day incidence has risen significantly in the past few days. On Monday it was 114.9, a week earlier it was 86.2. In a weekly comparison, 33 percent more people in Berlin were infected with the corona virus. In Berlin, 66.3 percent of the population have been fully vaccinated so far [].

Broadcast: Brandenburg aktuell, October 25, 2021, 7:30 p.m.


Corona situation Brandenburg Infections among minors increasing significantly summer

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