of university canteen employees will receive a bonus of 400 euros

The Ministry of Higher Education wishes to salute their “determining role” in helping students during the health crisis. Employees of the regional centers for university and school works (Crous) will receive an exceptional premium of 400 euros gross, the government announced on Friday 22 October.

Nearly 8,000 agents, out of the 11,000 in this network, will be affected by this bonus paid in December, in particular catering staff, the ministry said in a press release.

This measure, to which will be added “an officialization of worker personnel” in 2022, takes into account the “objective work overload” to which “a very large majority of the staff of the network” had to face, explains the ministry specifying that these personnel are “still strongly mobilized”.

In January, the number of students assisted by the CROUS increased by 39% compared to the same period the previous year, with an average amount of 400 euros paid per beneficiary.

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