Covid-19: contaminated by an antivax heating engineer, a vaccinated man dies of the virus in a few days

Raymond Doré died quickly in Quebec after contracting the virus. He had been in contact with an employee of a heat pump company who was against vaccines and did not respect barrier gestures.

He died within two weeks of the Covid. Raymond Doré was 73 years old. He had received two doses of the vaccine, but that was not enough to protect him. Yet he went out little and was very careful.

But what causes the anger of the family of the deceased is that Raymond Doré was contaminated with a convinced anti-vaccine that was also against health measures in Mont-Laurier in Quebec, as reported by the Journal de Montréal.

And the man who was virus carrier is an employee of a heating company who went to the victim’s home on September 15.

Raymond Doré was 73 years old.

He was infected with covid from an antivax vendor, and died of it.

The seller is displayed as antivax on social networks.

I hope he will be prosecuted for criminal negligence, and convicted.

Cc ⁦@E_Duhaime

– Patrick Déry (@Patrickdery)

He posts his anti-tax convictions on social networks

On site, the heating engineer does not wash his hands and works in the accommodation with the mask positioned under the nose.

And on social networks, the employee clearly displays his anti-vaccine and anti-health measures beliefs.

But the day he went to Raymond Doré, he was contaminated and contagious.

A scheduled hospitalization

The heating engineer does not give any more news for a few days. The family contacted the company and after some time learned that the man who came to her was ill and had the Covid.

Raymond Doré died of the Covid after receiving his two doses.
Golden family

A few days later, Raymond Doré had to be hospitalized to control his arrhythmia, a scheduled hospitalization.

He therefore had to take a Covid test to enter the hospital. On September 24, he tested positive for the virus.

And very quickly, his state of health will deteriorate until being intubated. It will continue to sink and it will die a few days later, on October 3.

Vaccination does not protect 100%

Raymond Doré had arrhythmia problems. He was vaccinated but that was not enough to protect him.

Although the vaccine protects against severe forms of the disease in general and even if it limits contagion, it does not prevent contracting the virus.

The barrier gestures are still to be applied even once vaccinated.

Raymond’s family message

Raymond’s wife and her daughters hope that this drama that has just touched them will serve as an example for others. They call on those who have not yet received their doses to be vaccinated and to respect barrier gestures.


Covid19 contaminated antivax heating engineer vaccinated man dies virus days

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