Discussion about booster vaccinations and vaccination breakthroughs – SWR Aktuell

Discussion about booster vaccinations and vaccination breakthroughs – SWR Aktuell
Discussion about booster vaccinations and vaccination breakthroughs – SWR Aktuell

Reports of vaccination breakthroughs can be unsettling. Vaccination breakthroughs are anything but surprising, because none of the corona vaccines are 100 percent effective.

“95 percent are 95 percent,” says SWR science editor David Beck, referring to the pharmaceutical company Biontech and the effectiveness of the corona vaccine from Biontech, which has been proven in initial studies. Beck doesn’t understand that people are still surprised when they hear of vaccine breakthroughs. “Nobody promised that nobody would get sick anymore. And the more people are vaccinated, the more vaccination breakthroughs there are. That is the logical consequence.”

What is a vaccination breakthrough?

Reports of vaccination breakthroughs can be unsettling, but they need to be properly classified. A uniform definition of the term “vaccination breakthrough” is also crucial.

Breakthroughs in vaccination among hospital employees in BW

The employees of hospitals in Baden-Württemberg have the highest vaccination quota in the state. At the Ulm University Hospital, for example, 86 percent of the around 6,000 employees (as of July 2021) are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. At the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart, 95 percent of the 3,000 employees have complete vaccination protection. In the past few weeks, more breakthroughs in vaccination have been observed among employees. The medical director of the Robert Bosch Hospital, Mark Dominik Alscher, speaks of two to three sick people per week among the hospital staff. In the SWR interview, Alscher emphasized how important it is to have a discussion about the third vaccination.

“My recommendation, as already planned by the state, would actually be to offer the third vaccination for older people and health care workers.”

Alscher also said that he could imagine that the third vaccination would be offered more and more widely. You have to wait for the next few weeks.


The number of vaccination breakthroughs is increasing. There are also partially vaccinated corona patients in the intensive care units in the Stuttgart region, but there are only very few.

How effective is the third vaccination?

A study from Israel – the country that was the fastest in the world to vaccinate the population exclusively with Biontech – shows that the so-called booster vaccination significantly increases the level of vaccination protection. According to the results of the study, people over 60 who had only been vaccinated twice against the coronavirus had ten times more infections than those in this age group who had received the so-called booster vaccination. In addition, those who were twice vaccinated were twenty times more likely to develop severe disease than those with triple vaccination protection. The risk of getting seriously ill is therefore twenty times lower after the booster vaccination.

Almost 200,000 people in BW third-vaccinated

In Baden-Württemberg, according to the vaccination rate monitoring of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 198,720 people have so far received a third vaccination against the corona virus. Nationwide there are over 1.3 million. Since the beginning of October, people above the age of 70, health care personnel and people with an immunodeficiency have been eligible for third-party vaccination. A few days ago there was also a recommendation by the Standing Vaccination Commission for people who have received the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. You can get an mRNA vaccine after four weeks. According to the Ministry of Social Affairs in Stuttgart, 400,000 people are affected in Baden-Württemberg.

Furthermore, especially unvaccinated Covid patients in the intensive care units

Most of the unvaccinated Covid patients are still in the intensive care units in Baden-Württemberg. According to the municipal clinic in Karlsruhe, ten people are currently being treated there for a Covid 19 disease, five of them in the intensive care unit. All ten patients are not vaccinated. The Karlsruhe Clinic pointed out last Thursday that in fully vaccinated Covid patients who were admitted, unfavorable genetic conditions, previous illnesses or a weakened immune system played a role.

According to the Baden-Württemberg State Health Office, a total of 1,444 people in Baden-Württemberg were treated for corona disease in the hospital from mid-September to mid-October – 281 of them had a breakthrough vaccination. The 28-day hospitalization incidence on Tuesday was 28.6 for people without full protection and 4.8 for people with full protection.

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