the UK is “monitoring very closely” a sub-variant of the Delta variant

Vigilance is required across the Channel. The British government, faced with an increase in Covid-19 contamination, assured Tuesday, October 19 “watch very closely” a new sub-variant spreading in the United Kingdom, although it has not been established as is if it is more contagious. “We will not hesitate to take action if necessary”said a spokesperson for 10 Downing Street. However, “nothing suggests that [cette nouvelle mutation du Sars-CoV-2] spreads more easily “, he tried to reassure.

This “AY4.2” variant is a sub-variant of the highly contagious Delta which initially appeared in India, which had caused a resumption of the epidemic in late spring and early summer. He is almost non-existent outside the UK, apart from three cases in the US and a few more in Denmark. The emergence of this new form of the virus raises fears of an even stronger transmissibility. Especially since it comes as the United Kingdom, which deplores nearly 139,000 deaths from Covid-19, is faced with an increase in the number of new cases, with more than 40,000 every day.

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