Everything for the party: Young woman forged Covid evidence to get into discos

A 21-year-old Geidorf woman is suspected of having forged COVID certificates. She is said to have gained access to party and nightspots.

GRAZ. The young woman who lives in the Geidorf district of Graz forged the Covid certificates herself on her laptop. Police officers now seized the woman’s laptop to secure electronic evidence. The 21-year-old did not want to reveal where she got the prefabricated blank document, which she should have worked on regularly.

Motive: hated Covid-19 tests

The suspect expressed her strong rejection of COVID tests and vaccinations as a motive. She would need the fakes in order to still be able to participate in public life and to get to party and night clubs. She reported that to the police.
The woman is reported because of the criminal suspicion of forging documents (§ 223 StGB).

Falsification of corona test results offered

The young woman was exposed because she had offered (at least) another young woman to fake Covid test certificates. The woman who was offered this “service” reported this to the police yesterday afternoon (October 13th). She suspected that the 21-year-old from Graz would forge COVID test certificates. In addition to the verbal offer, the woman had already been able to detect such falsifications in the young Geidorf’s apartment. When police officers confronted the 21-year-old with the allegation last night, she confessed.

Have you already noticed that people are cheating on Covid testing?

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