Covid-19 in Lozère: the ARS reveals the reasons for the surge in the incidence rate in the department

While most departments end with the obligation to wear a mask at school, in Lozère, from Monday, schoolchildren will have to wear it again. 78 covid cases are identified in the department. Vigilance remains essential.

The prefecture of Lozère communicated last Monday evening on the health situation linked to the coronavirus epidemic, which has deteriorated sharply in a week. The incidence rate has skyrocketed, increasing by 252%. “It amounts to 104 per 100,000 inhabitants, or twice the alert threshold, confirms Mathieu Pardell, director of the Lozère delegation of the Regional Health Agency. It is the highest in mainland France. But we still have to put it into perspective. With a population of 76,000 inhabitants, the smallest cluster pushes this incidence rate up again. “

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An elementary school

This Tuesday, October 13, are listed “78 positive covid cases in Lozère, continues Mathieu Pardell. This shows that there is viral movement in the department. The virus is still there. “

According to the director of the ARS, the worsening of the situation “is linked to a cluster in an elementary school in Marvejols. 23 positive cases were detected, including two teachers. This greatly increased the incidence rate. This cluster has contaminated close family spheres, in a generational mix. But there was no hospitalization. The children were placed in solitary confinement. Classes have been closed. And targeted screenings were organized by the ARS. This cluster was detected on October 4. This focus should subside in the coming days. We will watch. Gradually the school will reopen. “

This marvejolais establishment is the largest cluster, and “there are positive cases elsewhere, adds Pardell. The virus is circulating, but those over 65 have not seen their incidence rate increase. The key point is to remind people of the importance of vaccination. They must not forget their booster dose, to protect themselves. We need to invite them to go for their third dose. Six months after the second. And continue to respect barrier gestures. “

Immunization coverage

Because another pitfall in the department, “30% of the population has not yet been vaccinated, explains Mathieu Pardell. Vaccination coverage is 70.5%. We are five points behind the national average. You have to discipline yourself. The vaccination centers, nine in Lozère, have many slots. We also support city medicine and nurses’ offices. We have not disarmed. “

As proof, this prefectural decree taken on Tuesday, requiring the wearing of a mask in establishments open to the public, and the health pass. “In my opinion the prefecture reacted well, comments the director of the ARS. The main factor of contamination is inside. Wearing a mask helps to curb the epidemic. We need to watch out for the virus. The covid is still there. ” And the struggle to get rid of it is not over yet.

Wearing a mask for schoolchildren

The new list of departments authorizing schoolchildren to remove the mask in schools was also unveiled this Thursday, October 14. If the Gard, Hérault and Ariège are added to the departments of Occitanie which remove the mask at school, Lozère, for its part, has to go back.

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It therefore becomes the first department to revert to a level 2 protocol. In the region, there is therefore only this department and the Aude, to ask schoolchildren to wear the mask in class this Monday, October 18.

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