very diverse fortunes for tobacconists after confinement

very diverse fortunes for tobacconists after confinement
very diverse fortunes for tobacconists after confinement

In Indre-et-Loire, there are currently 247 tobacconists, press tobacco, bars-tobacconists or tobacco-grocery stores and only one did not resume its activity after the confinements. However, the president of the union chamber of tobacconists underlines the enormous differences according to the establishments. “Take for example the tobacconist who is in Rochecorbon, on the banks of the Loire. This is called a tobacco passage. During the Covid, it lost 95% of its customers since, as you know, people were no longer circulating“explains Mathieu Meunier who continues with the opposite example:”You go to Yzeures-sur-Creuse, a rather working-class village where people mostly work in Châtellerault. She had a tobacco sales surge of over 200% because the workers, unable to leave their homes, went to the nearest tobacco shop.“.

Tobacco sales increased by 12% in Indre-et-Loire during lockdowns

Besides the location, the type of establishment also had a lot of consequences, according to Mathieu Meunier: “We cannot generalize because the Covid-19 led to very contradictory results, but in general, a tobacco bar functioned very badly since there was no longer the bar activity for months. On the other hand, grocery stores, tobacco presses or dry tobacco worked well since people went to look for the press or the grocery store near their home“.

During confinements, tobacco sales increased by 20% in France, an average pulled up by border departments which benefited from the return of smokers who could no longer go and buy their cigarettes in a neighboring country. In Indre-et-Loire, the increase in sales was limited to 12%.


diverse fortunes tobacconists confinement

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