The Senate says no to compulsory vaccination against Covid-19

The Senate dominated by the right-wing opposition rejected Wednesday, October 13 a bill aimed at establishing compulsory vaccination for all against Covid-19, defended by the socialist group which found itself isolated on this position.

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Socialist parliamentarians have been advocating since the summer “the progressive obligation of universal vaccinationAgainst this virus. The text, examined on first reading as part of a “nicheParliamentary group, intended to complete the article of the public health code relating to the obligation of diphtheria and tetanus vaccinations to add vaccination against Covid-19.

The leader of the Socialist senators Patrick Kanner defended the choice of “clarity” and some “transparency“, Believing that with the health pass, the government has”required of the French an obligation of indirect vaccination». «We are missing about 9 million people to immunize“To achieve collective immunity,”and it is not the sanitary pass, whose effects are running out of steam, which will allow us to achieve this“, Said the rapporteur PS Bernard Jomier, while the extension of this health pass was ratified a few hours earlier in the Council of Ministers.

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A heated debate

Started in peace, the debate ignited when the senator LR Sylviane Noël affirmed that “make compulsory the administration of genetic vaccines, the experimental phase of which is still in progress, is politically reckless and morally reprehensible». «I cannot let go of the implication about the experimental and uncontrolled nature of these vaccines.», Reacted Secretary of State Adrien Taquet, while Bernard Jomier denounced an argument relayed by«antivax». «Today i’m ashamed“, Declared Alain Milon (LR), judging”completely inadmissible” the sayings “antivaccines»Held by Sylviane Noël. “I am repulsed“, Added René-Paul Savary (LR), for whom”the question of vaccination does not arise».

The executive, which has ruled out compulsory vaccination in the general population, has made the health pass a pivot of its anti-Covid strategy. Since mid-September, however, vaccination has been compulsory for 2.7 million health professionals. “I sincerely think that if we had made the choice in July of a generalized vaccination obligation, we would have today the same vaccination coverage rates, because the difficulties would have been the same to reach the most distant“, Affirmed the centrist Nadia Sollogoub, the majority of the other speakers also defending at this stage, like the minister,”incentive rather than obligation».

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The Senate was also to reject in the early evening a second text carried by the Socialist senators, aimed at facilitating the issuance of a temporary residence permit to young foreigners entrusted to the service of social assistance to children.

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