Sigh of relief from the unions

Sigh of relief from the unions
Sigh of relief from the unions

The unions breathe a sigh of relief after the announcement by the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, of the postponement to November 15 of the suspension of the personnel of the unvaccinated network.

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“It’s a wise decision since the impact would have been terrible on our network. To apply the contingency plan on Friday would have been catastrophic, ”insists Claire Montour, president of the Fédération de la santé du Québec, affiliated with the Centrale des unions du Québec (FSQ-CSQ).

His union is now calling for the government to focus on reducing pressure on the health care system by the next deadline.

“It will give time to people who hesitate to be vaccinated to have a moment to do it”, for his part rejoiced the interim president of the Alliance of professional and technical personnel in health and services. social (APTS), Robert Comeau.

Both the APTS and the CSN, however, refuse to say that it will be the position as November 15 approaches. The two unions are still inviting their members to get vaccinated.

But according to Robert Comeau, the government must communicate its contingency plan. He also wants better access to vaccination in the workplace.

“We are avoiding chaos in the short term, but we are not out of the woods. The network remains extremely fragile, ”said the vice-president of the Interprofessional Health Federation, Isabelle Groulx.

She also urges the government to collaborate with the unions in order to reorganize the services offered in the establishments since “currently, this is not the case”. In particular, the FIQ wants the end of compulsory overtime (TSO).

The Liberal Party and Québec solidaire point out that this is a “failure statement” for the Legault government.

“The CAQ looks like a parent who threatens his child with punishment and never applies it. Vaccination of healthcare workers is essential to fight the pandemic, ”insisted Liberal Marie Montpetit.

“By forcing the vaccination of nursing staff in the health network without providing for a contingency plan, Minister Dubé has rolled the dice and he has lost his bet,” said the solidarity spokesperson for health, Vincent Marissal. .

“Let us be clear: 48 hours from the abyss, it is better to turn back than to let the network collapse, but the government must absolutely learn from this failure and stop improvisation”, he added.

In the Parti Québécois, we are delighted to see the minister finally give in to the request made last week to postpone the suspension of unvaccinated staff.

“The deadline was coming too quickly; the breakdowns of service, already too numerous, promised to multiply in the network. Together, we demanded time to reorganize the services, and the judicious use of screening tests, rather than the use of the hard line, above all, that the vaccination rate continues to increase ”, recalled the chief. of training, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

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