Will the city grow again after Corona?

Will the city grow again after Corona?
Will the city grow again after Corona?

The city of Zurich is planning schools, sports facilities and streets for a population that will increase by a good 80,000 people by 2040. However, there are a few indications that growth could slow significantly after the corona slump.

Zurich has been growing rapidly for years – which has made it necessary to build new facilities, such as the development of the university area here.

Karin Hofer / NZZ

Zurich has been growing at an incredible pace for years – and yet the city had more inhabitants at the beginning of the 1960s than it does today. In 1962 a good 440,000 people lived here. The number then fell rapidly and in 1989 reached a low of 355,000. Only after the turn of the millennium did strong growth resume: in 2019 the population had reached 434,000, and it was foreseeable that the previous high from the sixties would be cracked in the first few months of 2021.

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