“People start to shake hands or kiss each other again” and l

The incidence rate which measures the circulation of the coronavirus is increasing after 8 consecutive weeks of decline in Martinique. The health authorities are worried about it.

For the first time in two months, the number of covid 19 contaminations is on the rise in Martinique. A trend reversal closely observed by health authorities, a few days after the relaxation of containment measures.

Report by Delphine Bez and Patrick Guitteaud.

We are very concerned about stopping the decline of the epidemic. We have an incidence rate of 151 (as of October 13, 2021) which is almost what we have experienced as a peak in previous waves.

There is a lot of decrease from the peak of the 4th wave observed in August 2021, but we are at a very high level of circulation with still very high pressure on the hospital. Still many critical care beds open. Lots of hospital patients.

What also concerns us is that this slight upturn is seen in particular among the youngest people. We see, despite the restrictions, the resumption of festivities and therefore gatherings and it reminds us a lot of what happened in June and February 2021.

We know that the Delta variant is predominant in Martinique. It is transmitted very, very quickly. And so for all these reasons, we are very concerned.

André Cabié infectious disease specialist at Martinique University Hospital

The recent relaxation of containment measures requires increased caution on the part of the population.

We see that people are starting to shake hands or kiss each other again, I appeal to the greatest vigilance. We must continue to respect barrier gestures, continue to wear masks, continue to respect distancing measures and achieve a higher level of immunity through vaccination.

Olivier Coudin, deputy director of the Regional Health Agency

We have to wait until next week to confirm or not the worsening of the situation in Martinique.


People start shake hands kiss

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