Adrian lives! Two-year-old Covid patient released from hospital after coma


October 13, 2021 – 5:45 p.m. clock

Adrian was allowed to go home

Just a few days ago, Adrian James, a two-year-old toddler from Illinois, had to be artificially ventilated in the hospital. The two-year-old was infected with the Delta variant of Covid-19. Now there is the all-clear: His mom could now bring Adrian home.

Adrian’s mother: “So, so, so happy”

The little “superhero”, Adrian is up again.


“So, so, so happy,” wrote Tiffany Jackson in a text message to Sharon Bernstein from Reuters. There were even photos attached of Adrian, who had recovered, sitting in bed and eating french fries. Just a few days ago, this picture was unthinkable, because Adrian had to be artificially ventilated and fed in the meantime.

Adrian was infected with the Delta variant

Adrian had to be flown to the “Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital” in St. Louis on October 1st and showed severe symptoms of a Covid-19 infection. He was infected with the dangerous Delta variant that is currently spreading in the state of Illinois. Since the vaccines are only approved for children aged 12 and over in the USA, Adrian was exposed to the disease without any protection. Children like Adrian can only be protected from the disease if vaccination protection is implemented across the board. For this reason, his mother Tiffany once again appeals to those who can be vaccinated to get vaccinated.

In the video: Just a week ago, Adrian was fighting for his life

In November, two-year-old Adrian now has birthdays – and after his recovery there is even more reason to celebrate.


Adrian lives Twoyearold Covid patient released hospital coma

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