Compulsory tests, open-air events and singing lessons: Changes to the Brandenburg Corona rules come into force

In Brandenburg, slightly changed corona rules will apply again from Wednesday. They concern, among other things, the obligation to test in indoor catering and the conditions for open-air events.

Changes to the corona rules will come into force in Brandenburg on Wednesday. For example, with a 7-day incidence of 35, the test is not required. So far, the limit was 20 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week.

This means: In urban districts and districts, in which the incidence is below 35 for at least five consecutive days, it is no longer necessary to submit a negative test result in many areas. Evidence of vaccination or convalescence then no longer has to be presented. This applies, for example, to indoor catering, overnight stays for tourists, coach trips, indoor sports facilities, theaters, cinemas as well as swimming pools and fun pools.

For open-air events, the upper limit for compulsory testing has been raised from 500 to 1,000. In view of the high level of control effort, organizers should be able to operate economically, according to the Brandenburg state government. If there are fewer than 1,000 attendees at the same time, for example at concerts, fairs or festivals, they do not have to show any negative tests or proof of vaccination or recovery.

There is also a change in music lessons: the 2G option will be available in future for singing and playing wind instruments. The facilities can decide for themselves whether they only admit vaccinated or convalescent people, as well as children under the age of twelve. The obligation to keep a distance of at least two meters then no longer applies. However, the 2G option is limited to vocal and wind instrument lessons, as the state government emphasized.

Currently (as of Wednesday, October 13), all of these new regulations can come into force in the districts of Havelland (7-day incidence 30.4), Potsdam-Mittelmark (33.5) and Uckermark (16.9). All other rural districts and independent cities in Brandenburg currently exceed the relevant 7-day incidence value of 35.

Broadcast: Antenne Brandenburg, October 13th, 2021


Compulsory tests openair events singing lessons Brandenburg Corona rules force

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