“The French preferred to go to restaurants, now our time has come”, estimates a theater director

“Our time has come”, estimates Monday, October 11 on franceinfo the director and owner of many Parisian theaters Jean-Marc Dumontet. “For a very long time, the French preferred to go to restaurants. Now, since the fall, people have largely returned to our rooms.” In some private theaters in the capital, however, only 20% of the seats are occupied. In the regions, attendance fell by 30 to 40%, in particular due to a drop in subscriptions. “We must get out of this anxiety-provoking reasoning”, answers Jean-Marc Dumontet

franceinfo: Have you noticed a drop in attendance at theaters?

Jean-Marc Dumontet: IT’SObviously, attendance is a little less, but our rooms have reopened and things are going well. We do not have enough reservations in advance, but overall we see a movement emerging. People come back to the theater a lot. Normally, not all shows fill up. This is also the case today. Fortunately, the culture sector received a lot of support during the crisis. There are obviously shows that suffer but I believe that we must get out of this anxiety-provoking reasoning. There are shows that are working very hard at the moment. There was a tidal wave for Mylène Farmer last week. The Lion King has very strong reservations. Mom with Vanessa Paradis works very well.

Are you confident in the future of theaters?

You don’t just have to focus on the bad news. It must be seen that today, our time, in our theaters, has come. For a very long time, the French preferred to go out, go to restaurants, bars, the beach, go outside and see friends. Now, since the fall, and now that the new school year has passed, people are largely finding our rooms.

Do smaller, more confidential plays run an additional risk?

People choose shows based on their appeal to them. At the end of September, we started Simone Veil, the fights of a brazen with Cristiana Reali. It was at a time when we did not have a headliner, but the quality of this show means that there is a snowball effect and an extraordinary word-of-mouth that is being created. operate. Our reservation figures are exploding. We must never forget this logic. It is up to us, men and women of the theater, to know how to create these privileged moments to arouse desire. Even though we are having a little difficult times at the moment, I have no doubts about the sustainability of our shows because there is no change of habit. We live and we offer the viewer a unique experience.

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