Post-Covid-Gruppe Straubing: Get out of the lethargy of everyday life – City of Straubing

I have just come home from the vaccination, “says 57-year-old Herbert Braun (name changed). He is still slightly out of breath and is panting on the phone. In April, he and his wife contracted Corona. It had a milder course pneumonia. He is still struggling with the consequences of the disease. Braun is on the mend with the post-Covid group.

A call from the health department: “Your work colleague has Corona – I was rather reckless before that,” says Braun. He didn’t take the virus seriously. “But then I got sick myself, had pneumonia, heart problems and a high pulse.” Those were the lighter symptoms. He had to be ventilated with oxygen in the hospital for two weeks. “Then in July I felt a little better.”

The Post-Covid-Gruppe Straubing helps him to get fit again – an insight.


PostCovidGruppe Straubing lethargy everyday life City Straubing

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