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The cantons fail to quarantine

Soon it will be time to pack for the autumn holidays. How it looks like a possible quarantine after the return journey to Switzerland is still in the stars. The Federal Council wants to tighten the entry rules significantly, with tests and quarantine for unvaccinated people, and has sent plans to the consultation process. However, the cantons think little of the obligation to quarantine.

Michael Hermann, Head of the Sotomo Research Center: “After the summer vacation, the Balkan returnees were the big topic. Everyone wanted the quarantine and now the mood has changed because you have noticed that it also affects Mr and Mrs Swiss when they return from vacation. That it affects tourism, the economy, and that in the end it is the cantons that have to pay for it. “


Italy requires all workers to be vaccinated or tested

In the future, Italy will be the first country in Europe to require all employees in the private and public sector to have vaccinations or negative corona tests in order to carry out their work. The government of Prime Minister Mario Draghi decided on Thursday to extensively expand the “Green Pass”. Those who cannot show a certificate are no longer allowed to go to work in offices, authorities, shops or restaurants from October 15th. With the measure Draghi wants to change vaccination opponents and doubters. In Italy, 75 percent of people over the age of twelve had been vaccinated by Thursday.

Draghi pushed through the new decree despite protests from the trade unions and parts of the right-wing parties. In the consultations with the head of government, they unsuccessfully demanded that Covid tests should remain free as an alternative to vaccinations. It shouldn’t be that you have to pay to go to work, they said. Draghi’s cabinet, however, only decided on price caps.


Thousands of people demonstrate in the canton of Bern

Thousands of people demonstrated on Thursday evening in Bern and Biel against the expansion of the certificate requirement and the “mandatory vaccination”. Several thousand people gathered on Bern’s Bahnhofplatz alone, as a reporter from the Keystone-SDA news agency reported on site. Slogans could be read on banners like: “No to the certi-dictatorship” and “No to the vaccination terror”. Repeatedly, “Liberté, liberté” was shouted in chants.

The police also used water cannons in front of the Federal Palace. The reason for this was apparently that individual demonstrators shook a protective fence. As on other occasions, this extends across the Bundesplatz and is attached to the ground. Individual demonstrators reacted to the use of water cannons by throwing objects in the direction of the Federal Palace and by firing fireworks.

In Biel, too, there was a loud demonstration against the Covid certificates in the evening. According to a reporter from Keystone-SDA, there were around 1,000 people of all ages in attendance. They too chanted “Liberté, liberté”, condemned the vaccination of children, had brought banners and waved flags.


Rush to vaccination centers

The number of Covid-19 vaccinations has risen sharply in the canton of Aargau. In the past week, a quarter more people were vaccinated than a week before.

The cantonal Department of Health and Social Affairs (DGS) announced on Thursday that there was a higher demand for vaccines than before the introduction of the mandatory certificate.

Between Monday and Wednesday, 6,929 people in the canton received their first Covid-19 vaccination. Around 60 percent of the total population are vaccinated once. The demand for Covid certificates also increased.

The new vaccination center will open next Monday in the Shoppi Tivoli in Spreitenbach. This is operated by the Baden Cantonal Hospital.

Covid-19 vaccinations have been taking place on selected days at Aargau cantonal and vocational schools since August 16. So far, 1,687 people have received an initial vaccination at various school locations.


Two Valais innkeepers are shown

Two Valais restaurant operators have been reported to the public prosecutor’s office for allowing customers to enter their premises without a Covid certificate. The fallible customers have to pay a fine. If they refuse to pay the fine, a report will also be made.

This week, the canton police, with the support of the community police corps, carried out several checks in restaurants, fitness and sports centers for prevention purposes, as it announced on Thursday. The new regulations have been in force in these restaurants since Monday.


Lucerne University of Applied Sciences pays test costs until the end of October

The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) will cover the costs of corona tests for students and further training participants from October 1st. She also wants to set up additional test infrastructures. At the beginning of the semester, the HSLU is also required to have a certificate.

For the more than 8000 students and employees of the university, the certificate requirement applies from Monday. Anyone who has neither recovered nor vaccinated must show a corona test. In order to simplify the test procedure in the medium term, they are working on setting up additional test infrastructures at various locations, writes, Link opens in a new window the HSLU on their website.

The federal government will probably only bear the costs for such tests until the end of September. The university has therefore decided to reimburse the students and further training participants for the test costs during a transitional phase until October 31. However, who pays for the tests afterwards is open.


Canton Schaffhausen expands vaccination offer

In the canton of Schaffhausen, the range of vaccinations is to be expanded further. From next Monday, people who want to be vaccinated will be able to be vaccinated against Covid-19 on certain dates in various municipalities without registering, as the canton announced. All people who have so far been treated in the intensive care unit in the canton of Schaffhausen due to a severe course of Covid-19 have not been vaccinated, it said. The Covid-19 vaccination still offers the safest protection against serious disease.


Swissmedic is reviewing applications for a third dose from Pfizer and Moderna

The Swiss therapeutic products institute Swissmedic is examining requests from Pfizer and Moderna for a third dose of the corona vaccines. It is about an adjustment of the existing dosage recommendations and an extension of the approval.

Pfizer Switzerland and Moderna Switzerland submitted applications for the so-called booster vaccination last week, Swissmedic announced on Thursday. Applications in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic would be given priority, but without compromising on the examination of the content.


Rome wants 3G rule for all workers

In Italy, a so-called green passport is to become compulsory for all employees from October 15. According to government circles, a corresponding regulation should then come into force, which the cabinet wants to pass today. The certificate indicates that the holder has received at least one vaccination dose, tested negative or has recently recovered from Corona. It would be the first such provision for all public and private sector workers in a European country.

Most political parties and the major employers’ associations support the measure in the hope that it will avoid lockdowns in the future. But there have been protests against it again and again in recent weeks. Employees who do not have such a passport should be released from work without payment. If you go to work anyway, you can expect a fine of up to 1000 euros.


Zimbabwe: No wages without vaccination

In the midst of the corona pandemic, the government of the South African state of Zimbabwe will in future be cutting the wages of vaccination refusals among its state employees. The responsible head of the public service, which has around 300,000 employees, confirmed announcements by Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi in a circular on Thursday.

«In accordance with the cabinet decision, all civil servants are immediately vaccinated; Employees who have not been vaccinated are not allowed to report to work, ”said Jonathan Wutawunashe’s letter. Those who have not been vaccinated have to stay at home.


Media conference ended

The media conference is over. Thank you for your attention and keep you up to date on the coronavirus on, the news app and here in the live ticker.


Fehr: “A transition phase with free tests would be useful”

The question and answer session has started. A journalist asks Mario Fehr about possible free tests. «I think a transition phase with free tests would make sense. Also that vaccinated people could do a test every now and then. “


Canton doctor Meier: “The certificate should convey security”

Cantonal doctor Christiane Meier also comments. “Each person can choose how he or she would like to contribute to combating the pandemic.” The certificate should convey security and not be easily accessible. “We owe the consistent control to everyone: for example, the exhausted nursing staff or those people who had to postpone their operation.”


80 percent of the controls in restaurants

The restaurant controls in the canton would make up 80 percent, according to Werner Schmid, chief regional police of the canton police in Zurich. “The companies did well.” The vast majority of the population as well as the industry would adhere to the guidelines. “I thank myself.”


Cometta: “I would like to thank everyone who supports these new rules”

Cometta explains that the new rules would mean a lot of effort – on all sides. “I would like to thank everyone who supports these new rules.” The controls are also a major additional burden for the police. One can only solve this crisis together, so Cometta. “Somewhere at some point there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.”


Winterthur city councilor: “It’s important to talk to each other”

Now the Winterthur city councilor Katrin Cometta has the floor. “It’s important to talk to each other.” The police would always seek the conversation and also offer the companies help on how to carry out the measures. “The rules work well.”


Fehr: “The 3G system in the canton of Zurich has proven itself”

The 3G system in the canton of Zurich has proven itself and is the right thing, according to Government Councilor Mario Fehr. “It might also be a relief if we could offer the tests free of charge for a little longer.”


Almost 600 checks carried out – few notifications and fines

598 controls have been carried out since Monday. “The people met us in a friendly manner during the controls.” So far, you have only had to issue three reprimands and two fines. “There is a great deal of understanding for the measures,” says Fehr.


Fehr: “We were better prepared than in earlier times of the pandemic”

The media conference begins. Government Councilor Mario Fehr opens the event. “We have looked at over 43,000 protection concepts in the canton since the beginning of the pandemic. Since Monday we have the new federal regulations, which we have to implement. ” One was better prepared than in earlier times of the pandemic, said Fehr. “The cooperation worked well.”


Ten percent fewer students at the University of Basel

The University of Basel expects the number of first-year students to decline in the autumn semester of 2021. Around 1400 students will start over. That is 150 less than a year ago.

The university attributes the decline in new students to the corona pandemic: A year ago, many could neither travel nor find a job. That’s why they started studying right after high school. This year, many would again take a gap year before starting their studies, writes the university.

According to the communiqué, another reason for the decline is that significantly fewer high school students completed their Matura this year in the canton of Basel-Stadt.

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