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The police’s first assessment of the corona certificate requirement

The police’s first assessment of the corona certificate requirement
The police’s first assessment of the corona certificate requirement

Covid certificate requirement

In around every 100th inspection, the police discover a violation of the certificate requirement

The Covid certificate requirement has been in effect in catering and leisure businesses since Monday. The police’s first assessment for the canton of Zurich is positive. But a legal battle is looming.

Only those who have a Covid certificate are allowed into the bar. This sometimes leads to red heads.


A fine of 100 francs for a restaurant guest who violated the certificate requirement has previously existed in the city of Zurich. He had deliberately gone to a café on Wednesday without a certificate. A spokesman for the Zurich city police confirmed a corresponding report from “20 minutes” on Thursday. The offender is a representative of the Mass-Voll association, which is critical of corona measures and wants to challenge the fine through all legal instances.

This sets a precedent that could be decisive for the further handling of the certificate requirement. But this is an isolated case, as the independent cantonal security director Mario Fehr stated at a media conference: So far, the police in the canton of Zurich have only found a breach of the certificate requirement in around every 100th checks.

While the fine for guests who violate the certificate requirement in restaurants or leisure facilities is 100 francs, the establishments face fines of up to 10,000 francs if they serve guests without a certificate. Last Wednesday, the Federal Council announced the expansion of the certificate requirement, which has been in effect since Monday.

Three notifications and two fines

Since the beginning of the week, a total of 598 businesses in the canton of Zurich have been inspected for compliance with the certificate requirement indoors. This resulted in three reports and two fines, as the cantonal security department in Winterthur announced to the media. Around 80 percent of the controls concerned businesses in the hospitality industry. The remaining 20 percent were sports, cultural and leisure activities.

The controls had confirmed that the population and industry in the canton of Zurich, with a few exceptions, adhered to federal regulations. Mario Fehr emphasized: “We want to reconcile, not divide. There is life after the pandemic. ”

Mario Fehr for extending the free tests

Companies reported both that individual guests had not come since the introduction of the certificate requirement and that others had come back. According to Fehr, it would now make sense if the corona tests were free for another month or two. So that anyone who has not already been vaccinated can still be vaccinated.

The Winterthur city councilor Katrin Cometta (GLP) admitted that the checks on the certificate requirement are not always conflict-free: “Buses are distributed. This sometimes leads to red heads. But it is not the job of the police to make everyone happy. ” She was pleased that due to the certificate requirement, for example in Winterthur’s Technorama, events were taking place in the normal framework again. “After all, we all long for a return to normal.”

Werner Schmid, head of the regional police at the Zurich cantonal police, said: “No area-wide controls are carried out in the canton of Zurich. We do spot checks. ” But there are also controls based on information from the population. The number of controls based on such indications has so far been in the low single-digit range. And the restaurant controls were positive with one exception. The police also act in an advisory capacity to help companies implement the certificate requirement.

A landlord in Dietikon warned

In Dietikon, the city police carried out 16 checks in restaurants from Monday to Wednesday in order to comply with the certificate requirement, as the Dietiker police chief Marco Bisa said on request. A host was warned. During a follow-up check, this host also complied with the specifications. Bisa’s conclusion after three days of extension of the certificate requirement:

“Everyone adheres to it like a charm. Basically, people react positively. ”

This also applies to the certificate samples that the Dietiker police carried out on restaurant guests.

Certification is required in both the country and the city

So far there have been 17 company inspections in Winterthur. This resulted in a reprimand and two fines. According to Schmid, a restaurateur was shown in the Winterthur region who explicitly resisted the applicable regulations. Although the willingness to vaccinate is lower in rural regions than in cities, there is no difference between city and country when it comes to compliance with the certificate requirement.

Conclusion by canton doctor Christiane Meier: “For me, the certificate is a key to more freedom.” But it also did not go unmentioned that the Health Department could close businesses that do not adhere to the rules due to the Epidemics Act.

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