From next week: All Covid-19 vaccine orders in one day

As usual, contract doctors use the regular Muster 16 prescription for their orders. All other performance providers fall back on the blue recipe. How exactly the doctors have to fill out the form is up to them ABDA summarized in detail in an updated practical guide, which can be found on the ABDA homepage in the protected area. For week 40 the doctors can next Comirnaty® (Biontech/Pfizer), Vaxzevria® (Astra-Zeneca) and Vaccine Janssen® (Johnson & Johnson) order Spikevax® from Moderna for the first time. Of the mRNA vaccine is just as sensitive as the Biontech preparation and so far only in the Vaccination centers come into use. In the future, company doctors will also be allowed to do the Vaccines order. So far from Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) anchored restriction on Comirnaty not applicable.


week Covid19 vaccine orders day

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