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Two weeks before the autumn break, Minister of Education Karin Prien explained on Thursday how schoolchildren can prove that they had been tested for Corona even when they were not in school.

For the children and adolescents at Schleswig-Holstein’s schools, it is now everyday life: they are tested for Corona twice a week. Alternatively, you can test yourself at home – the parents fill out a corresponding self-assessment. A few weeks ago the schools issued a corresponding proof that the students participate in this protection concept.

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Result not older than 72 hours

According to the Ministry of Education Karin Prien (CDU), this proof is also valid during the holidays from October 4th to 17th – but only in connection with a test certificate. On the one hand, this can be the self-assessment of a test at home or evidence from the test center. Both of these must not be older than 72 hours.

“Test certificate enables participation”

According to Prien, schools will provide test kits if necessary before the holidays. “The self-assessment after a negative Corona self-test then applies to schoolchildren like a test certificate from the test center,” said Prien. The ministry deliberately prefers children and young people. The minister emphasized once again that test certificates from schools and self-tests during the holidays have the same validity in the “3G world” as test certificates from the test center. “Regardless of whether it is a cinema, museum or sport – the student’s test certificate enables participation!”

“Adults owe solidarity to children”

Prien pointed out that children and young people suffered particularly from the pandemic. “We have demanded a lot from children and young people and their families over the past year and a half. At times they have given up classroom lessons, sports, music lessons, children’s birthday parties, and the big party at the end of school.” The minister emphasized that all of this was done to protect the elderly and vulnerable groups. “Now we are in a new phase of the pandemic. Now the adults owe the children solidarity. The interests of children and young people must have priority,” emphasized Prien.

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