Vaccine against Covid-19: with the obligation aimed at caregivers, can the health system seize up?

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Health professionals now have the obligation to provide proof that they have been the subject of a first injection of the Covid-19 vaccine. Those who refuse to comply with the rule are suspended. Several health establishments fear a shortage of caregivers.

It is confirmed, caregivers are now forced to show a white paw: impossible for them to exercise until they can provide proof that they have received at least one injection of the vaccine against Covid-19, on pain of ‘be temporarily suspended. Health professionals have until October 15 to complete their vaccination schedule, government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Wednesday September 15. Only healthcare professionals who have been infected with the virus for less than three months or who have a medical contraindication are exempt.

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The government is proud: “The incentive has paid off: we have gone from 64% of caregivers vaccinated in July to more than 9 out of 10 today. They have been exemplary since the start of this crisis, they are exemplary today “, rejoices Gabriel Attal.

On the other hand, hospitals and more generally, all French health establishments, are disappointed: the obligation to vaccinate caregivers is a real thorn in the side for a health system already shaken by an extraordinary health crisis. Because behind the suspension of caregivers recalcitrant to vaccination, a health system is in need of support.

A chronic problem of understaffing

The problem is far from being new for establishments: “The obligation of vaccination for caregivers has just exacerbated a chronic problem of understaffing”, estimates Pascal Champvert, president of the Association of directors at the service of the elderly (AD-PA) to the Midi Dispatch. Din this sector of activity, which was already facing a shortage of nurses and nursing assistants before the health crisis, 5 to 7% of health professionals have not received any injection: ban for them to exercise today. “OThere is a situation of tension in all establishments and in all home services in France, ”laments the president.

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The structures concerned advocate resourcefulness. Their directorates are asking both the government and regional health agencies for additional human resources. The answer is often the same: “Vaccinated professionals are very often asked to work overtime or to move their leave to replace recalcitrant caregivers, described Pascal Champvert. Morality: caregivers who are vaccinated will have to pay for the negligence of the state. This is unacceptable”.

The president of the association evokes the “worst case” scenario: in the event that an establishment is not able to adequately support the elderly, “it is requested that they be transferred to other establishments”, sighs Pascal Champvert. The representative of the AD-PA asks the government to take a clear position on the issue.


Vaccine Covid19 obligation aimed caregivers health system seize

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