What would a corona vaccine change for children under 12?

Stand date: 15. September 2021.

A corona vaccine is drawn up on a syringe.

Image: DPA | Juergen Berger

Image: DPA | Juergen Berger

  • Vaccine manufacturers want to apply for approval for children under twelve
  • Pediatrician: Stiko must and will check carefully before making a recommendation
  • Vaccination is important for children with serious illnesses

The first manufacturers have announced that they will soon apply for approvals for vaccines for children under the age of twelve. Even if the vaccines should be approved quickly in the European Union, the chairman of the professional association of Bremen pediatricians, Stefan Trapp, has doubts that the general recommendation of these vaccines by the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) is “going smoothly”, he said un inside.

If they get European approval, then I have the confidence that it is a safe vaccine.

Stefan Trapp, Chairman of the Bremen Professional Association of Pediatricians

Stefan Trapp, chairman of the Bremen professional association of paediatricians.

Stefan Trapp, chairman of the Bremen professional association of paediatricians.

Stefan Trapp doesn’t think Stiko would quickly recommend an approved vaccine for all children under twelve.

Image: Radio Bremen

This would be very good news for children with serious previous illnesses or children with seriously ill relatives, said Trapp. But the question of whether the vaccination is also recommended for all children from the age of six must be clarified by the Stiko. And she looked very carefully when the vaccines were approved for 12 to 18 year olds and asked for a lot of data. “The question is, what about a child who is not at high risk?” Said Trapp. “And thank God that applies to almost all children.” Most of them would not have a high risk of severe disease.

“Normal state must now return”

That is why one must stop treating schools and kindergartens like “high-risk areas”, said Trapp. “The possibility that at some point we will soon be able to vaccinate the children must not be used as an argument to continue this state of emergency in schools and kindergartens as a precaution.” There is no significant danger from children and schools, said Trapp. “And the low risk of infection that is there is easy to banish by getting all adults vaccinated.”

A mask lies on a pencil case.

Image: DPA | Sebastian Gollnow

Image: DPA | Sebastian Gollnow

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