Anti-pass lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio threatens a collaborator with dismissal for having been vaccinated

Fabrice Di Vizio is still talking about him. On Twitter this Monday, September 13, the lawyer for anti-pass and antivax estimated that one of his collaborators, who had received a dose of vaccine “Deserves referral”.

“When you are not able to live up to your convictions and you accept the constraint, you have nothing to do with me! I do not care if she is vaccinated but at one point we assume our convictions and we stop saying that it is the fault of others ” he stormed on Twitter.

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The employee in question would have received her first injection to avoid having to present a PCR test when arriving in Belgium. However, on the website of the Belgian authorities, it is indicated that travelers from France must present a complete vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours.

“The confreres of the good camp”

A comment that made Internet users react strongly. This did not prevent the lawyer from sticking to his positions.

“I am no longer free to express my annoyance with the system that crushes young people, or to express that in fact an employee on probation who displays convictions and does not respect them deserves dismissal without of course, it would not be dismissed for all that. ““My father regularly treats us as collaborators”: when vaccination breaks families

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He denounced “The confreres of the good camp”, who would rush to remind him of ethics, “While wishing that I am removed”. “In the new world the people of the good camp have all the rights, the others than the duties and therefore that of obeying them”, he cried.

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