caregivers mobilized this Tuesday against the vaccine obligation

9:49 am: Vaccination slips, the numbers at the lowest since the end of February

After the July burst, which followed Emmanuel Macron’s announcements, vaccination has collapsed in France continuously for seven weeks. Nearly 9 million “target” people have not yet been vaccinated, according to the Ministry of Health. More information in our article.

9:13 am: Before the complete reopening to tourists, Mauritius facing a wave of Covid-19

Hospitals are saturated, artificial respirators are scarce and the cemetery where the victims of the coronavirus were buried is full: Mauritius is facing an explosion of Covid-19 which calls out within three weeks of the complete reopening of its borders.

Everything is ready to welcome tourists on October 1 in this Indian Ocean paradise, popular for its pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. But the island roars with concern: “The situation is getting worse. But there are instructions that we do not communicate,” said a doctor, on condition of anonymity.

9:01 am: In the United Kingdom, a slight decline in the unemployment rate

The unemployment rate fell slightly in the UK between May and July, to 4.6% from 4.7% for the previous three months, as job vacancies hit records between worker shortages and end of restrictions sanitary facilities.

Employment is driven by a record of job vacancies, mainly in the hotel and catering industry. “Preliminary figures for August show that there were more than 1.1 million job offers in August, a historic first”, notes the National Statistics Office (ONS), because of the lifting of all restrictions on travel and gatherings, in addition to the summer vacation season.

Unemployment could however recover in the country with the planned end of September the end of the government program which kept employment on a drip during the pandemic.

8:53 am: “With vaccination, we will tend towards a certain normality”

“We are in the process of coming out of the pandemic. For now, vaccination covers all variants and is effective. Vaccination is essential to control variants,” assured infectious disease specialist Karine Lacombe on BFMTV.

According to her, “the epidemic will not die out naturally, but we will enter an endemic phase. With vaccination, we will tend towards a certain normality, although the virus will persist”. The professor also spoke about the health pass: “It would be much too early” to abandon the health pass today.

8:31 am: After two years away, the extravagant Met Gala returns

Four hundred actors, actresses, musicians, models, sportswomen or stars of social networks in increasingly extravagant outfits hurried Monday evening to the gala of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met), the unmissable ultra-social event of all- New York, after two and a half years of absence due to the pandemic. Almost no one was masked, but you still had to be vaccinated or test negative.

Sharon Stone, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Megan Rapinoe, Venus Williams, Gigi Hadid, Diane Kruger, Erykah Badu, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Hill, Hailey Rhode Baldwin, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean and even … Isabelle Huppert: Monday night, in the heart of Manhattan, the Met had not seen so many world stars since May 2019.

7:04 am: In England, vaccination extended to 12-15 year olds

The government will offer 12-15 year olds to be vaccinated against Covid-19 as early as next week, following the advice given by the chief doctors of the four nations of the United Kingdom. Local governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, competent in matters of health, will in turn have to make their decision known.

The vaccination program will be carried out through schools as is already the case for other vaccines, with the consent of parents or officials.

6:23 am: The confinement of the Australian capital Canberra extended by one month

The containment of the Australian capital Canberra has been extended until mid-October. The approximately 400,000 residents of Canberra have been forced to stay at home for a month after the discovery of a first case of Covid-19 in the city. The epidemic focus, linked to the Delta variant, which is much more contagious, remains limited, with 252 active cases to date and 276 people cured.

5:50 am: The bar of 50 million vaccinated is long overdue

On Monday, 49,695,326 people had received at least one injection (i.e. 73.7% of the total population) since the start of the vaccination campaign in France, and 46,792,132 people now have a complete vaccination schedule (i.e. 69, 4% of the total population). The 50 million vaccinated, expected at the end of August, could be reached at the end of the week.

5:47 am: Less than 10,000 hospitalized, the decline continues

On Monday, the number of hospitalized Covid-19 patients in France fell below 10,000 for the first time since August 15 and a new slight drop was also recorded in critical care, according to figures published by Public Health France . With 446 admissions in 24 hours, 9,986 people are currently hospitalized against 10,012 on Sunday.
Critical care services, which receive the most serious cases, have 2,103 patients including 116 admitted in 24 hours, against 2,129 on Sunday. They were 2,249 a week ago.

5:45 am: Hello everyone and welcome to this live stream dedicated to the news of the Covid-19 pandemic in France and around the world.


caregivers mobilized Tuesday vaccine obligation

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