Certified people – Eastern Switzerland

Certified people – Eastern Switzerland
Certified people – Eastern Switzerland

Anyone who does not get vaccinated is showing no solidarity and should be punished with social disadvantages, ideally staying at home until he realizes what a fool he is. Whoever does not get vaccinated is to blame for the next, next but one and the next but one pandemic wave. Such bad people, like the virus itself, need to be fought and locked up. Only certified people should be allowed to enjoy all basic rights.

What a few months ago would have been considered the talk of a conspiracy theorist is a fact today. Many people in Switzerland who have their certainties delivered to their living room by Swiss television or some other pious medium should be of the opinion that the Covid 19 certificate is a good thing and rightly punishes those who still do not have understood what the hour has come. Highest railroad for vaccination so that the pandemic will pass.

But the pandemic is not over. It does not pass in Israel, where the vast majority have long been vaccinated and where it has been shown that vaccinations are useful for about 6 months and then the game starts all over again. The pandemic will not pass in the USA or anywhere else in the world, where it becomes clear that the vaccinated will also be affected by upcoming mutations and can become seriously ill. The pandemic will not be over for a very long time. Because the media want to be fed and the governments reassured that they have done all they can. And that in the event of failure, the ready-to-jump media pounce on someone else, ideally the unvaccinated.

Where is the broad resistance of the population here? Or at least the resistance of our intelligentsia, who should feel responsible for the defense of our freedom, our Helvetian DNA as a nation of federalists, the EU loners and skeptics of power?

Most of the National Councils and Councils of States seem to have disappeared. They second the government, talk about elementary encroachments on basic rights or hide further in their silence. And what about the lawyers? With the judges or constitutional lawyers? It is obvious: before the court of public life and the Federal Office of Public Health, the certificate requirement now means a «reversal of the burden of proof». I have to prove that I am not sick. Every lawyer knows that in a constitutional state, people are considered innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof lies with the state. If he wants to deprive me of rights, he has to prove that I am dangerous (in this case sick). With the certificate I now have to prove that I am not sick. Where is the protest of the legal scholars?

And what about the feminists, the progressives or the liberals? As long as it was a question of abortion or euthanasia, you have all emphasized for years: “My body is mine!” Since Corona, that suddenly no longer counts. With mask compulsory and certificate it is now: “Your body belongs to the community of solidarity.” Where is the protest of feminists, progressives, liberals?

And what about the left critics of capitalism and moralists of the corporate responsibility initiative? Just a few months ago they were talking about evil corporations that are raking in billions with dubious deals. And now we know that the corona vaccines will make a lot more billions. And they have contractually ensured that they are not liable for the long-term effects of the vaccination. You have agreed to a disclaimer of liability with the buyers, including the Swiss state. The vaccine is a gold mine for them, without any legal risk. Where is the protest of the left-green, anti-capitalist crowd?

If you go to a cemetery and find that the dead are silent, then that is a silence that does not perturb anyone, because the dead don’t talk much. But when so many social actors are silent here, then this silence is striking. And somehow meaningful.

Giuseppe Gracia (54) is a writer and communications consultant. His new novel “Glorias Finale” has been published by Nagel & Kimche, Zurich.


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