This innovative contactless terminal detects the Covid-19 in two minutes – West-France evening edition

The French automotive supplier Valeo took advantage of the Munich motor show to present a Covid-19 detector that it describes as “revolutionary”. It is a small white cube, equipped with sensors, which, in two minutes, is able to confirm whether a person is a carrier of the Covid-19 virus, with a reliability of 94%.

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Who said that at the Munich Motor Show, which is currently held in Germany, we only talk about cars? Visitors were surprised to discover a Covid-19 detector, manufactured by the French automotive supplier Valeo.

Valeo is not at its first attempt when it comes to health. The health crisis brought the automotive supplier “To manufacture protective visors, resuscitation respirators, then to wonder if its advanced technology in terms of heat treatment of the passenger compartment could not find an application in health”, we explain on the communication side of the group.

A white cube

This time, the equipment manufacturer goes further and strikes a big blow. He presented, Tuesday, for the first time, a very promising Covid-19 detector. It takes the form of a white cube of one meter by fifty centimeters. “It was developed with medical teams to understand the metabolism of the human body and its needs”, explains Pascale Herman, director of innovation for the equipment manufacturer.

How does the detector work? The person sits in front of the small machine and its sensors. She sees her face appear on a screen and answers two questions about a possible dry cough or cold. Then the diagnosis starts. The temperature is displayed, the heart rate… After two minutes the result falls, with a reliability of 94%.

This patented detector should be approved within a year and can then be deployed in emergency services, stations, airports, etc. “We are trying to miniaturize the device, continues the director of innovation. The idea is to be able to use it in all places frequented by the public in order to guarantee a certain serenity. It would make it possible not to have people with symptoms of Covid. ” And thus avoid PCR tests.

The bollard is one meter high. (Photo: Valeo)

Passenger well-being

On the price side, Valeo has left nothing filtered. But Valeo would consider a monthly subscription to ensure the maintenance and development of the device. This diversification is part of the idea of ​​getting out of the negative image of the thermal car. The equipment manufacturer wants to go further.

The group has already invented effective filters against germs, viruses and allergens for car interiors, as well as UVC purifiers that sterilize buses. And it’s at the forefront of sensors, which measure the vehicle’s environment, and now who “Ensure the well-being of passengers and detect their fatigue or inattention”, Jacques Aschenbroich, CEO of Valeo, recalled in Munich.

Last March, during the Start-up Summit of Challenges in Paris, Geoffrey Bouquot, director of innovation for the group, explained that he invests 2 billion euros per year in research and development, in particular “To build technological bricks in new professions”. Without doubt, this Covid-19 detector is the first link in a chain of innovations to come.

French supplier Valeo has developed a “revolutionary” terminal to detect Covid-19. (Photo: Valeo.)
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