In Tours, the first encouraging results of the nasal vaccine against Covid-19

In Tours, the first encouraging results of the nasal vaccine against Covid-19
In Tours, the first encouraging results of the nasal vaccine against Covid-19

A new kind of vaccine should soon be tested in humans, a vaccine against Covid-19 which is sprayed directly into the nose and which was designed in Tours. It has now been a year since twenty researchers from the University of Tours and INRAE, the National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment, have been working on it in the faculty’s labs. of pharmacy.

A vaccine that protects against serious forms

We already knew that the first tests on mice had shown very good efficacy against the virus, that this vaccine therefore protected very well against severe forms. We now know that he goes even further, this time thanks to tests on golden hamsters.

And which prevents the transmission of the virus

And this is its real added value compared to the vaccines that we know, those who inject themselves into the arm. Isabelle Dimier-Poisson is in charge of this vaccine project, she is in charge of the BioMAP research team. “It protects from severe and moderate forms, but above all, it blocks the multiplication of the virus in the nose and therefore, in addition to protecting the person against infection, the person will also protect others since they are will no longer be able to transmit the virus and infect “.

The vaccine could be used for boosters in France

Another advantage is its potential efficacy against variants, current and future. Based on these initial results, the CEO of INRAE ​​wants to be realistic. “We are not at the end of the adventure. It may not work”. But Philippe Mauguin wants above all to be confident in the future. If human clinical trials get off to a good start in the second half of 2022, and confirm these good results, commercialization could take place in 2023. It won’t be too late, he assures us. “We will probably have for our country a large majority of the vaccinated population. And we cannot exclude reminders if there are still forms of variants that continue. The vaccine project we are working on could be a candidate for reminders “.

The patent has just been filed

A vaccine which could therefore serve as a booster in France, but also as a first dose in countries of the South where vaccination coverage is very low today. This nasal vaccine can be kept for several years in a fridge at 4 degrees, several months at 20 degrees. Without a needle, it could also be administered more easily to children if their vaccination is ever recommended.

The patent for this vaccine has just been filed. In addition, the Recipharm plant located in Monts is said to have undertaken to free up a production line to manufacture this future vaccine.


Tours encouraging results nasal vaccine Covid19

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