fuel prices return to their summer 2019 level

Prices at the pump are high compared to summer 2020. They have in fact returned to pre-crisis levels, following the recovery of the global economy.

On the eve of the first big weekend off on vacation, fuel prices are back to their highest for a year and a half. These prices have even returned to the level of summer 2019, well before the health crisis.

According to figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, on July 2, the average price of diesel in France was 1.438 euros, almost 3 cents more than on July 5, 2019. Diesel was then sold on average 1.403 euros per liter .

Ditto for unleaded: Friday July 2, it was on average 1.565 euros per liter in French gas stations. Two years earlier, on July 5, 2019, the price per liter was posted at 1.492 euros, a difference of nearly 7 cents.

A return to pre-crisis rates

“The current pump prices have returned to the level where they were before the covid, summarizes on BFMTV Olivier Gantois, president of the French union of petroleum industries (UFIP). In the meantime, the prices had collapsed because the demand of crude had collapsed, global demand had fallen, demand has returned to normal because there is deconfinement almost everywhere in the world, prices have therefore returned to what they were before the covid, ditto for price at the pump “.

An economic situation which was not so flourishing last year at the same time, with a demand for oil then at half mast in a global economy which had not restarted. Prices had therefore remained very low in July, hence a significant difference between the two Covid summers.

On July 3, 2020, a liter of diesel cost on average in France 1.228 euros per liter, or 21 cents less than last Friday. The same goes for unleaded 95, billed at 1.33 euros per liter last July against 1.565 on Friday, July 2, 2021.

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