Lidl relaunches its famous sneakers that made the buzz, customers are already reselling them on Le Bon Coin

Lidl reissued its essential sneakers in the brand’s colors on Monday, July 5. If the crush of last December did not take place on the shelves, many customers are already reselling the unique shoes on the Internet.

They were a hit last December in all Lidl stores: the famous sneakers in the colors of the hard-discount brand were again marketed this week. If the craze was not the same as at the end of 2020, customers were still in a hurry to acquire these unique shoes at a price of 12.99 euros, as reported by Le Parisien. Many customers want to resell them on the Internet.

Falling prices

“Last year, I saw that people were selling them at a very high price on the web so I will try to sell them for around a hundred euros”, confides a schoolboy from Val-d’Oise to the Paris daily newspaper. But this time, the prices are significantly lower than those displayed at Christmas. An Internet user had thus managed to resell a pair for 1,200 euros on eBay. In recent hours, we have barely reached a hundred euros on Le Bon Coin.

Ads between 30 and 70 euros in Hérault

In Hérault, for example, there are ads that display between 30 and 70 euros for Sneakers. In the Toulouse region, the average is more like 50 euros a pair of sneakers. The shoes are also alongside another flagship product of the brand this summer: the Lidl beach towel.


Lidl relaunches famous sneakers buzz customers reselling Bon Coin

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