Mcdonalds: this is what nuggets really contain

Both crispy and tender, nuggets are one of McDonald’s flagship products. But what’s really in these chicken nuggets?

They are made up of 47% ground chicken breast. Inside these breaded croquettes, we also find flour (wheat and corn), rapeseed oil, rice starch, cassava, and peas, as well as apple starch. earth, ingredients used in cooking to gel and thicken textures. But that’s not all.

Under the breadcrumbs, there is also wheat gluten, which gives the dough its elastic character and volume to the nuggets, baking powders (Calciumphosphate, Disodiumdiphosphate, Natriumhdrogencarbonate), sugar, and dextrose, a simple sugar made from corn, often used as a sweetener or to increase the shelf life of foods.

The list of ingredients also includes salt, breadcrumbs, spices, sunflower seed oil, and celery extract. The taste of the nuggets sold by the fast food chain is therefore based on the mixture of all these ingredients. As a reminder, the basic recipe contains only seven: chicken, eggs, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper, flour, and oil.


Mcdonalds nuggets

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