Bill Gates and his simple trick to make everyone get rich

Bill Gates and his simple trick to make everyone get rich
Bill Gates and his simple trick to make everyone get rich

The list of the richest men in the world always reserves a place for Bill Gates, who does not occupy the first place (this one goes to Jeff Bezos), but who never leaves the Top 5 and it seems that every year, he manages to increase his fortune a little more. Of course, Bill Gates joined the list due to his position as the founder of Microsoft, but that’s not his only source of income and in 2020 he even made $ 16 billion despite the fact that he didn’t. had no job. How is it ? The answer is simple, he has a tip, or rather a technique, that allows him to make sure that his fortune will always increase, and it could really help anyone get rich. Becoming a millionaire isn’t exactly easy, you have to find the perfect path at the right time and then work hard to keep getting money (because a million dollars isn’t going to last a lifetime) and one one piece of advice that most of the richest men in the world always give to others is about not relying on just one job. In 2019, Bill Gates added $ 17 billion to his fortune and with that he became the second richest man in the world, and all thanks to a trick that has nothing to do with working hours or the number of businesses it has created.

What is Bill Gates’ trick?

“I am optimistic about American companies and global companies. So we are not in a defensive position where we mainly have cash, or anything like that … the investment strategy to follow is to have more than 60% of equities ”, a said the founder of Microsoft in an interview with Bloomberg. This rule has allowed the creator of the Gates Foundation to add billions of dollars to his net worth each year, despite having stepped down as CEO of Microsoft for more than a decade. Bill Gates currently sits fourth on Forbes’ 2021 richest people list (after Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Bernard Arnault), with a fortune of $ 124 billion, and he doesn’t really need to work. to keep growing that number (which is enough to live a few more lives in all the luxury he wants, as he has already said he will not leave his children big fortunes).


Bill Gates simple trick rich

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