Energica presents a revolutionary engine

Energica presents a revolutionary engine
Energica presents a revolutionary engine

A specialist in sports electric motorcycles, the Italian Energica is making a strong comeback with a new generation of engine that is both more powerful and more compact.

An alliance with Mavel

For the needs of this new project, the Italian manufacturer has teamed up with Mavel, a company from the same country. Based in Pont-Saint-Martin, in the Aosta Valley, this young company specializes in research, development and manufacturing of automotive electronic equipment. It is therefore the first time that she has worked on a project related to two-wheelers.

The duo have developed a new 126 kW motor known as EMCE (Energica Mavel Co-Engineering). This new unit offers almost 18% more peak power than the model currently used by Energica. The engine also has patented sensors that can store its operating data to predict possible failures.

Lighter and more efficient!

In addition to this gain in power, the two companies have also succeeded in lightening the motor and its controller, which makes it possible to reduce the weight of an electric motorcycle by 10 kg.

EMCE has an innovative rotor and stator geometry that reduces energy loss and increases performance. Along with EMCE’s liquid cooling system, Energica claims that this new rotor produces internal airflow that gives off more heat out of the engine. This process allows the engine to perform much better even when the electric motorcycle is traveling at high speed.

These various improvements will also allow motorcycles equipped with EMCE to benefit from a range of 5 to 10% greater (depending on the driving style of their users).

Ahead of the original release date!

While a large number of projects have experienced big delays in all areas due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this new engine is coming out ahead of its initial launch date!

The market launch of EMCE was initially planned for 2022. Nevertheless, we decided to anticipate this date and, in just one semester, we managed to develop this co-engineering in partnership with Mavel.“, recently explained Giampiero Testoni, the technical director of Energica, in an interview.”This new engine and its transmission will now equip every electric motorcycle manufactured by our company.“he completed.


Energica presents revolutionary engine

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