Willing to do anything to stop Bitcoin? Panic at the Bank of France

The sweaty bankers – Bitcoin is often disparaged as an asset of no real interest. Yet this cryptocurrency is freaking out the most powerful central bankers on the planet, who urgently want to release their own digital currency and / or don’t want to hear about Bitcoin as legal tender. The Banque de France, unfortunately once again, is at the forefront of this anti-Bitcoin hostility.

Not much time until Bitcoin wins the game

Sadly, this is not the first time – far from there – that the leaders of the Bank of France (BdF) take pleasure in violently denigrate Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

As reported in particular by Coin Telegraph, François Villeroy de Galhau, the governor of the BdF, once again expressed himself in order to impose heavy regulatory chains to hamper the adoption of cryptoassets.

During a financial conference organized by Europlace in Paris, the head of the BdF strongly insisted on theemergency of this framing (or caging?) cryptos, in order to protect their own (unbridled) issuance of fiat currencies:

“I must insist here on the urgency: we don’t have much time left, 1 or 2 years [pour établir un cadre réglementaire]. Both on digital currencies and on their transactions, we in Europe must act as quickly as possible. “

We see the panic palpable in these words, so much do they sweat the eagerness to further frame cryptocurrencies. A regulatory framework that the governor of the BdF urges to intensify from the next few months.

Every second spent giving way to the adoption of Bitcoin, rather than imposing their own central bank digital currency (MNBC), is unbearable for the world’s big money-makers. Obviously, free competition and a fair fight do not seem to interest central bankers, who prefer to put sticks in the wheels of their challenger.

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