Driving a Lamborghini, he tries to escape the police, crashes his car and ends up in jail

Driving a Lamborghini, he tries to escape the police, crashes his car and ends up in jail
Driving a Lamborghini, he tries to escape the police, crashes his car and ends up in jail

A man driving a Lamborghini got into a chase with the police and got off the road. (photo national police)

A 24-year-old man driving an orange Lamborghini tried to escape the police and embarked on a dangerous chase on the A1 motorway towards Lille (North). He left the road in Seclin (Pas-de-Calais) and seriously damaged this luxury car rented in Belgium, on the occasion of a wedding. The driver was imprisoned pending trial.

This man went from a wedding party to police custody, before being deported and then taken to prison. Bikers from the police of the departmental motorized brigade (BMD) of Pas-de-Calais were participating in an anti-rodeo operation this Saturday afternoon in Liévin, when they spotted a driver behind the wheel of a powerful Lamborghini Huracán registered in Belgium. The vehicle had been reported several times in recent hours by many residents, because of the noise pollution it caused.

On amateur videos posted on social networks at the beginning of the afternoon, we see the driver of this Lamborghini indulging in a rodeo in the middle of the A21 motorway, under the eyes of his friends who film the scene, but also in front of other motorists who are stranded. It was in fact the procession of a wedding, which took place at the town hall of Noyelles-sous-Lens according to a source close to the investigation, confirming information from The voice of the North.

At more than 250 km / h

Seeing the police on motorcycles, the driver refused to stop and accelerated. He certainly thought he could easily get rid of the police with his car. The fugitive launched at high speed on the A21 then on the A1 in the direction of Lille. “He used the full power of his car and did not hesitate to drive on the emergency lane”, details this same source.

The alert was given on the police waves and a roadblock was set up a little further on the A1 to catch the driver, who was traveling at more than 250 km / h. A stop-stick (a harrow, editor’s note) was installed but the motorist continued on his crazy road, forcing the roadblock. He disappeared but not for very long … A few moments later, the police found his trace in the town of Seclin. He had just missed a maneuver and hit a red light at the exit of the A1 slip road.

An invalid driving license

Images showing the wrecked car have been posted online, including on Twitter by the national police. The 24-year-old driver was arrested and taken into police custody. His two passengers managed to escape. The respondent is already known to the police.

The man was driving with an invalid license. He is also being prosecuted for refusing to comply. At the end of his custody, he was referred this Monday afternoon to the court of Béthune. His trial has been postponed until July 19 and the court has decided to place him in pre-trial detention. The defendant was taken to prison at the end of the hearing.

The problems are likely to accumulate for the young man, or at least for the person who rented this car in Belgium, to a third party, according to our colleagues. The contract provided for the full reimbursement of the price of the Lamborghini in the event of an accident. It is estimated at 250,000 euros.

Two other vehicles that came from the same wedding procession also collided in the afternoon, near Cora Lens 2, without causing any injuries. Again, the damaged cars were filmed.

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