Coronavirus: towards a third dose in Belgium?

Will people who have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine receive a third next year? This is a question which is not yet clear. What seems certain, however, is that the European contracts currently being negotiated and possibly renewed will include a requirement to adapt new vaccines to variants, announced on Saturday Professor Dirk Ramaekers, Flemish head of the vaccination taskforce, at the meeting. weekly press briefing of the latter. “We can be clear on this point: there is no clarity on the third prick”, said the expert straight away.

Like other European countries, however, Belgium is preparing for the potential administration of a third dose. There are indications that this will happen. Either for specific vulnerable target groups or for everyone. Working group members hope to get more clarity on this issue in the fall. In any case, this should not pose a problem in terms of vaccine supply as a large number of them will still be delivered from September.

Vaccines adapted to variants?

For Professor Pierre Van Damme, however, we must show a certain nuance when asking the question of the third dose. “We need to clearly distinguish what is meant by a third dose. Is this the same vaccine that is currently being formulated? Or a third dose in a composition suitable for the variants?“. “Contracts which are negotiated at European level or which are extended will have to include adjustments to variants“, replied Dirk Ramaekers.

“By the end of this year or the beginning of next year, in principle, all vaccines intended for a third dose will have to be adapted to the variants. It also appears that companies will be able to do this.”, concluded the head of the vaccination taskforce.

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