Loire. About fifty Auchan employees in Villars and Center Deux on strike

This Friday morning at 8 am, about fifty employees of Auchan Villars and Center Deux were gathered to tow customers and protest against the deterioration of their working conditions.

For Dominique Bernat, FO union representative, the mobilization is rather well followed “about fifty people, it is not bad for the large distribution where very few of the 800 employees of the two hypermarkets of the Saint-Etienne agglomeration are unionized”.

Employees do not cash in on the new measures taken by Auchan: elimination of physical human relations services to make them digital interfaces, wages at half mast, multiplication of automatic checkouts, etc.

“Work accidents are on the increase”

Samantha Chagrot has worked at Auchan for 3 years. “In the catering and fishmonger departments, it’s a disaster. Work accidents are on the increase. Lots of falls in the fishmonger’s, because of the slippery ground: they have had to put on a non-slip lino for years but do nothing. In the catering department, everything is dirty and dilapidated, the machines are old and worn out, I myself sliced ​​a fingertip two weeks ago. “

Wider hours but no additional staff

During confinement, store opening hours had been extended from 8:30 a.m. to 8 a.m. “Since then, they haven’t changed the hours! “, Annoys David Rivollier, CFDT union delegate.

“They say they can’t go back any longer, so we’re working on longer hours and of course they haven’t hired anyone. They really pull the rope all the way. “

Photo Progress / Julie PAQUET

Photo Progress / Julie PAQUET

“We have the impression of being treated like cattle”

Peggy Bernat is 49 years old and has worked at Auchan since she was 18. Today at the drive, she has seen the deterioration of her working conditions over the decades.

“You feel like you’re being treated like cattle. We work, a small computer in the arm, and they track our efficiency. We are timed, they see when we stop. We always have to go faster, and to put pressure on us they compare our results with those of other drives in France. ”

“This year we had a 0.8% salary increase. The minimum wage has increased by 0.99%. Do you find that normal ? »Asserts, exasperated, David Rivollier.

“Last year we had a Covid bonus of 1,000 euros, but you should know that it was conditioned by our working time. Those who had the virus and were unable to work during the premium reference period did not receive this money! It’s still a shame! “

And for the year 2021, there was no question of repeating this bonus.


Loire fifty Auchan employees Villars Center Deux strike

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