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Dacia Spring hopes to win at least one star in crash test

Dacia Spring hopes to win at least one star in crash test
Dacia Spring hopes to win at least one star in crash test

The Dacia Spring has yet to meet the EuroNCAP wall, but it might not get away with the honors.

The Dacia Spring is a small revolution in the electric car segment: small and pragmatic, it offers electric technology to as many people as possible with a very measured selling price. But this is not without concessions, especially in terms of safety in the eyes of EuroNCAP, a European body specializing in vehicle safety.

Because to better maintain its selling price, the Dacia Spring is based on a usual recipe which consists of using proven bases. And more precisely that of the Renault K-ZE, itself an electric derivative of the Renault Kwid imagined for emerging markets.

A star in the specifications

And despite its efforts to adapt to European market standards, the Dacia Spring will not be able to hide its commoner origins. Especially in front of the EuroNCAP wall to assess its level of protection: like the Renault Kwid, it could not win more than one star according to the organization’s scale.

This is what an internal source close to the matter told us, saying that the manufacturer has set a goal of one star in the EuroNCAP crash test. Asked about this by us during the presentation of the electric city car, the Dacia teams preferred to specify that the Spring had all the safety equipment necessary to drive in peace, with six airbags, the ESP or the ABS coupled with emergency braking assistance.


Dacia Spring hopes win star crash test

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