NFTs caught in global speculative madness

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have been ripped off all over the planet. The market exploded and reached $ 2 billion over the first four months of the year, or 10 times more than for the whole of 2020. Born in the world of games, an NFT is a code, an asset issued and exchangeable on a blockchain. It is unique, tamper-proof, indivisible and traceable. One or more assets can be associated with it (songs, gifs, memes, videos, photos, game cards, etc.), the authenticity of which it guarantees.

Since the Covid crisis, virtual worlds and their characters have experienced a strong resurgence of interest. The NFT market and prices soared at the start of the year. Activity slowed and prices also plunged in the wake of the global crypto crash in May. Given their high volatility and low liquidity, NFTs almost make very turbulent cryptos like bitcoin look like good investments.


NFTs caught global speculative madness

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