Chicken nugget resembling a character from Among Us video game sold for $ 100,000

Des nuggets (illustration). — Richard B. Levine/Newscom/SIPA

“I thought it would hit $ 50, but not that much …” One internet user, who calls himself Tav, made a great deal on eBay. He auctioned off a chicken nugget resembling a character from the Among Us video game on Friday morning., bought at McDonald’s, priced at 100,000 dollars (82,000 euros).

The Internet user has received more than 180 offers for this nugget initially auctioned at 99 cents. The fried chicken piece has aroused the interest of many buyers because it has, according to them, “an unmistakable resemblance” to one of the astronauts in the game. Among Us. “The kind of bump on the back could represent the backpack (…) But I did not understand how the auction made so far go up”, declared the salesman to the site CNET, which indicated to have frozen and sealed the product, which will shortly be shipped via a USPS First Class security shipment.

Game Among Us commented on this strange resemblance on social media. “There is a Among Us chicken nugget for sale for $ 34,443.43 and I don’t know what to think ??? But I want it, ”tweeted the game’s official account, which itself was retweeted by fast-food chain McDonald’s.

Other sales of nuggets on the platform

This piece of chicken’s resemblance to a character from the Among Us video game wasn’t the only selling point. The famous nugget was part of a BTS menu, marketed by the fast food chain in collaboration with the K-pop group. This menu, offered in around 40 countries, includes 10 chicken nuggets, as well as fries and two new sauces, Chili and Cajun, inspired by recipes from South Korea, from which the BTS group originates.

Other sellers have also tried their luck by listing nuggets on eBay. On the platform, dozens of products have been deposited, all more or less reproducing the silhouette of a character. Among Us, with prices ranging from 0.99 to 150 dollars …


Chicken nugget resembling character Among video game sold

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