That’s the plan for 2022

2022 is just under two weeks old, and there is already bad news for all fans of series, films and Co. It was already becoming apparent: price increases for Sky were announced twice at the end of 2021 – also because the pay-TV Broadcaster cooperated with Netflix. Netflix itself also raised prices for Apple customers last May and October. Now the next increase for Netflix customers is imminent.

Netflix is ​​getting more expensive: That’s the plan for 2022

According to its own statements, the streaming service plans to increase the basic fee for each subscription model in 2022. For the time being, the plans only affect the USA and Canada and only new customers there. For existing customers, the prices are also to be adjusted step by step over the course of the year. A strategy that Netflix has always followed in recent years.

In the future, the basic model will cost $9.99 instead of $8.99. The standard model, which not only includes two streams in parallel, but also HD, in contrast to the basic subscription, increases Netflix by almost 2 dollars. Customers now have to pay $15.49 instead of $13.99. The premium version of the streaming service, which sometimes offers 4K quality, remains the most expensive. The price climbs to $19.99 per month (previously $17.99), which is still below the $20 mark.

Price increase for Europe?

Even if Netflix has not yet commented on price increases in Europe or Germany, one can assume that they will come here as well. That should only be a matter of time. Because in 2020 the streaming service also only increased the prices for the USA, which then also took effect on the European market in 2021. It is then possible that the basic model in this country costs 8.99 euros, the standard model 15.49 euros and the 4K premium model 19.99 euros.

The question: Since the gaps between the increasingly expensive Netflix prices have shortened significantly in recent years, price increases are now to follow every year. The reasons for the move are not entirely clear. A Netflix spokesman told the Reuters news agency that they are constantly working on new options and offers to offer customers a better experience. In order to be able to continue to offer this in the future, the prices are now being adjusted.

Most recently, Netflix integrated its own “gaming platform”, which is already integrated into the normal Netflix subscription for customers. The streaming service may also come under more and more pressure. The competition is literally shooting up – such as the Paramount+ and Peacock services. Disney+ is also becoming increasingly important in the market, mainly due to the popular content that is gradually becoming exclusive to Disney+. The licenses for many series and films are therefore expiring at Netflix and Co.

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