Inexpensive and ecological, the Urbanloop could appeal to many cities

Urbanloop, a new ecological and inexpensive means of transport – Geeko

Among the urban vehicles of tomorrow, we find the capsule made in France Urbanloop. Developed by a hundred engineers from Lorraine, the Urbanloop takes the form of a capsule on rail and is intended to be a more ecological and inexpensive alternative to current means of transport.

The Urbanloop carried out its first tests on rails Friday, on a track fitted out in Tomblaine, near Nancy. This new electric and autonomous urban vehicle consumed 0.05 kWh / km during these tests, setting a new record for the lowest energy consumption for a vehicle of this type. This equates to less than 50 cents per kilometer. The machine, which can reach a speed of 60 km / h, is therefore both particularly ecological and inexpensive.

The single-seater capsules will be able to transport two people at a time, but also a person in a wheelchair or on a bicycle. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, the Urbanloop will be able to manage the flow of passengers and thus ensure that they do not wait for the arrival of a capsule in the station.

Commissioning for the 2024 Olympics?

The engineers who develop the Urbanloop are obviously looking to offer a greener solution to cars. This alternative will indeed reduce car traffic in large cities, but also pollution.

Developed for four years, the Urbanloop rail capsule project could be put into service on the occasion of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games which will take place in Paris. If the first tests were a success, the project is still far from transporting Parisians on a daily basis. The project will indeed have to obtain its security certification. A process that can take a year to wait. In addition, the project still needs to be fine-tuned before it can take on passengers.


Inexpensive ecological Urbanloop appeal cities

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